Side tracked by life

Today begins my second week into my eight week plan.
I awoke with both ears aching, praying that this is not an ear infection…
My wife was up preparing for her morning run but complained of feeling “weird”. I urged her to go back to bed and skip her run. I knew she would not skip her run, she never does.
I left for work not feeling my best either.
Around 10:30 I got a text from my wife letting me know she was throwing up but was “ok”. I called her and asked if I should come home to help her out. She said she was ok for now. I urged her to let me know if that changeso I could come hone and help her with the kids. About 1:30 she text me and said she needed me.
I informed my boss and left immediately.
When I got home I found the kids still in their pjs and playing, she was in bed. Not normal.
I asked her what I could do for her and she asked me to call her doctor and see if they could call an rx in or something.
I called her doctor and described my wifes condition. The doctor urged is to go to the emergency room ASAP.
I got the kids dressed and in the car. I helped her in as well, called my dad and asked him to meet us at the ER.
By the time I got to the ER, my dad and step mom were already there.
They took the kids and I took my wife to the ER.
I have been sitting here infusion ER watching my wife sleep with an IV and monitors hooked to her.
She will be ok. I don’t see an end to this visit here though…been here forever…they don’t exactly fill you in on their timeline for treatment in the ER…
Oh by the way, she did run this morning even though I urged her not to…she ran 5 miles…
Kinda a reminder to me in my own efforts to run that I still need to listen to my body and be wise. It’s a fine line between pushing yourself to the limit and not over the edge.


Continuing the fight

I am progressing with my plan, as planned. So far I have 5 days in a row of hitting my Nike Fuel goal of 3k.
Last night I ran using the Nike+ running app for Android. It actually worked this time! Probably worked because I didn’t use my Couch to 5k app at the same time.
My running results were better than I expected. I ran a solid half mile before having to walk a bit. Not bad for the second run and being 50lbs overweight (in my humble opinion).
I am trying not to look at the scale for another week or so but, I do feel like there is some goodness happening. Even if its in my own mind!
On the days I have not run I have been at the gym on the eliptical and pushing weights.
No rest for the weary of fat!

I’ll keep you posted.

Eight Weeks Or Bust

Today I registered to participate in the Boselli Foundation’s 5K Mud Run… Yes, a guy who can’t even run a mile is going to attempt to run over three… With the added 30 obstacles mixed in…oh yeah, and mud!


Well, in order to answer that, I have to tell you about the other “personal challenge” I made that starts tomorrow (at the crack of dawn I might add). This challenge consists of getting off the couch and in condition to run a 5K. This in addition to my normal workouts (yes, I do workout, just can’t seem to run) should get me to my 5K goal in just about eight weeks.

What’s this have to do with the mud run? Well, simply put… I have started my plan to run many many many…many times before. Never resulted in success. At least now I have put some “skin in the game” so to speak.

Further motivation is that my marathon running wife has registered as well. I don’t want her to have to drag me across the finish line now do I?

Plenty of motivation to succeed, but my main reason is that I am tired…tired of being disappointed in my own lack of focus, effort and determination.

I’m going to succeed in this endeavor come HELL or high water!

I’ve had this blog site sitting out here for years just collecting e-dust. I figured I’d put it to good use as a blog/diary of my “journey”.

Tomorrow at five am I begin, I’ll keep you posted on the progress (because I know you are just fascinated).


Blah Blah Blog

I am a member of several social networking sites (myspace – facebook). But they are getting a bit out of hand. How many widgets and weird games can you put on your site before you become just part of the clutter?

My goal for his page is to just post my random thoughts. Some might say, why not just buy a journal and write? Well, my answer to that is…why write in a book when you have a Mac? I mean really.

My other goal is to update this when I feel like it. Quality over quantity type of thing.

As a motivator to myself I am going to post an old entry from a blog site that I posted a LONG time ago. Why post an old blog? 

Reason number one: I have been meditating on the topic in this entry the past couple days and it is relevant to me in the present.

Reason number two: It’s my blog… Nuff said.

Anyway, here it is.


April 30, 2005

More on perspective…

Since Stef has been working nights lately I have had the opportunity to spend some good one on one time with Ethan.
As you can imagine it is very easy to get bored with the little apartment we live in. So we go to parks or the library for our weekly “Arthur”, “Blues Clues” or “Thomas the Tank Engine” movie fix. ( Thank God for libraries and their free kid movies!)
I think  Ethan and I have been to every park in town…that is not to say that Ethan is getting bored with any of them yet ha-ha.
A few weeks ago I took Ethan to the famous “Cadillac Ranch” to see the half buried cars that have been spray painted so many time that there is about half an inch of paint on each car. For those of you who have not been to this odd attraction…A very excentric rich guy buried about 7 classic Cadillacs nose first into the ground…the remaining 2/3ds of the car stick up into the air. (check out the pic below)
The cars are buried in a field along interstate 40 just outside of town.
Anyway…I took Ethan to see them. We got there a few minutes before sunset. He thought it was the coolest thing looking at these odd cars. I thought he would be intrigued by the cars being buried…but that never came up. He was more interested in all the spray painted words on the car (thank goodness he is still learning three letter words) and how many of the wheels still turned.
That was the first interesting difference in perspective that I noticed…the next thing was when he started throwing rocks…I didn’t stop him since we were in the middle of a field and the only cars around were the ones buried. He threw a few and then he asked me to throw one. I grabbed a nice sized rock and hurled it out into the field…the wind was blowing against us and I was apauled at how short my throw was…but then I saw Ethan jumping up and down saying “WOOOOOW daddy that was waaaaay far!”
It’s amazing how far daddy’s can throw huh?
About this time the sun was setting. If you have never seen a west Texas sunset…you have missed out on something awesome! There was not a cloud in sight and the flat Texas panhandle gave no obstructions whatsoever to the great show God was putting on.
The sun was a huge golden orange circle and it was late enough that you could look right at it and not hurt your eyes. I stood there just staring for a long time…until I heard a little voice say “Come on daddy… lets catch it!” Then I saw Ethan running across the field after the setting sun.
I ran with him just because I admired his enthusiasm and didnt want to lose this moment.
To his eyes the sun looked like it was just at the end of the field and was in range of catching.
I have wondered sometimes why God does not show us our future step by step …sometimes we know or have an idea of our goal but not the distance to that goal.
I know that our heavenly Father runs with us…even if it is just because of our enthusiasm and He is enjoying the moment.